Duraline Coatings and Linings


Abrasion and corrosion resistent linings and coatings suitable for use in coal, mineral and utility industries.

Duraline Z-100

Duraline Z-100 has 45 years proven success as a tough an durable heavy duty sump, bed pan, chute and hopper lining in the coal, mineral, and utility industries.

Z-100 is an excellent cost effective choice as a heavy duty wear resistant lining for a wide variety of industrial equipment.

Many new equipment manufacturers choose Duraline Z-100 as their primary O.E.M. lining material.

Duraline D-330

Duraline D-330 is a liquid, micro-silica based admixture that produces a super strong bond between two cementitious surfaces. It is non-shrink, develops high early strength and increases ultimate strength.

Adding Duraline D-330 to Duraline Z-100, Duraline HD-100-IF material or Portland cement based concrete will provide fast curing and higher early strength. D-330 is effective in bonding patching and overlaying damaged areas. it can also be used for full depth pours. The finished surface can be top coated with epoxy in 24 hours. It can also be exposed to vehicular/forklift traffic in 18 hours. D-330 produces a superior high strength installation.

Duraclad ECS C-301

DURACLAD ECS C-301 FS is a specifically formulated epoxy system blended with high fired ceramic beads and accelerated resins to provide a fast setting compound for immediate protection of surfaces subjected to abrasion and corrosion. Easy to mix 1 to 1 by volume ratio. Cures in as little as 15 minutes.

DURACLAD ECS C-301 FS is ideal for emergency repairs and will minimize downtime of critical equipment and process lines.

DURACLAD ECS C-301 FS is waterproof and resistant to most chemicals and solvents. It is also non-sagging for repair of vertical surfaces and overhead patching.

Tensar Roofmat


Duraline Catalogue

Duraline Catalogue

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Duraline Z-100 MSDS

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